Wine processing key facts

Optimization of the sensory characteristics of the wine

Stabilization of color and taste

Complete dissolution, no residue

All ingredients from natural sources

Color, taste and mouth feel is affected by the wine yeast constituents


Vinamant™ contains active mannoproteins from carefully selected yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Vinamant™ features harmonizing effects by improving the mouthfeel. Alcoholic, sour or bitter flavors are better integrated. The product alleviates the sensation of tannins and rounds out the flavor of the wine body.


Polymant™ contains special yeast mannoproteins and has an exceptionally high efficacy against the formation of tartaric acid crystals. At the same time it has a positive influence on the color stability of the wine.

Polymant™ complies with OIV specifications and also the EU regulation on the use of mannoproteins in wine.

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Chitomant™ is a natural polysaccharide obtained by extraction from fungal cell walls. Chitomant™ facilitates the settling and clarification of musts and wines. When used in musts and wines, the formation of turbidity is prevented. Chitomant™ also reduces heavy metals (iron, lead, cadmium, copper) and contaminants such as ochratoxin A..

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