Excellence in Nutrition

It is well documented that nutrition and physical activity are important for human health. It is therefore important that new insights into the relationship between diet and health are incorporated into product development. ABAC focuses on the prevention of physiological malfunction arising from stress, aging and life-style. We contribute to this objective by optimising the diet according to current scientific knowledge.

Food supplements

Glucanosom™ (β-Glucan)

Glucanosom™ is isolated under very mild conditions, to preserve the particle character and the native structure, which are important for the immune-stimulating effect. It is insoluble in water, but due to its strong swelling capacity provides a stable suspension in water.

Glucanosom™ is characterized by its very high content of glucan and was developed for use in food or in food supplements. Due to its immunostimulating properties it supports the body's own defenses of active people.

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