Hetero-colloid key facts

Enhanced bioavailability

Maintaining the natural balance of the active ingredients.

No chemical modification

No waste

Source: Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 13, 241-260 (2014)

Distribution of particle size (example)

Hetero-colloidal systems are a novel form of bio-active administration involving a low intervention processing thus preserving the naturalness of the bio-actives and enhancing the biological availability.

Relevant components of hetero-colloids are particulate polymers (e.g insoluble dietary fibres like cellulose, glucan,chitin) as well as soluble polymers (like the dietary fibres pectin, arabinogalactan, mannan, and proteins). The former constitute the solid particle colloid matter, the latter the soluble colloid matter. The presence of both fractions are characteristic for hetero-colloids. Therefore hetero-colloidal systems form an ideal method for the presentation of bio-actives in human and animal nutrition, but also in cosmetics and medicine.

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