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Nutrition plays an important role for health and the maintenance of high quality of live. Physiological functions can be affected by many influences such as stress or aging. Besides a healthy lifestyle with ample exercising a healthy nutrition counteracts the consequences of such factors.

Often the need for certain essential ingredients of nutrition such as vitamins or trace elements is higher than can be taken up by a normal food intake. Additionally, food science identifies repeatedly new compounds that are important for correct physiological functions. In order to prevent possible deficits and to optimize nutrition according to up-to-date scientific knowledge the addition of functional compounds may be indicated. ABAC has focused on offering dietary products that improve life quality.


Powder, capsules

Add-on for food

Dietary fibre from yeast, scientifically proven stimulation of the immune system


Powder, capsules

Add-on for food

Blend of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre from yeast, prebiotic


Add-on for liquid foodstuffs such as drinks, yoghurt, power food

Blend of soluble mannose and glucose containing polysaccharides from yeast


Powder, capsules

Food add-on for the removal of toxin residues

Adsorption of toxins such as mycotoxins or residues of pesticides