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ABAC developed a new generation of functional products based on yeast polysaccharides and a pioneering technology for micro encapsulation of active cosmetics ingredients. Soft processing of natural compounds is the commitment of ABAC.


Carboxymethyl (CM)-glucan

Skin and body care products

Moisturizer, skin tightening, reduction of water loss, many years of experience


Colloidal suspension of 5% pure yeast glucan

Skin and body care products, natural substitute for CM?glucan

Skin tightening, sunburn reduction, skin smoothening, skin moisturizing, reduction of water loss, anti-aging


2% solution or powder of glucan and mannan from yeast

Skin and body care, restoration of defective skin barrier function, baby und child body care, aftershave, anti-aging


Abatement of skin irritations, skin regeneration, sunburn abatement, anti-aging
Ligne Micron

Colloidal suspension of yeast carrier and encapsulated active ingredient

Encapsulation of active cosmetics ingredients, micro particularization, micronisation

Depending on the encapsulated active, synergism of carrier glucan