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Guiding principles

For functional products ABAC observes the following principles:

  • The application of functional products aims at the maintenance or restoration of regular physiological functions, if these cannot be maintained by a balanced diet and physical exercise. Deficiency symptoms may occur for example in special living circumstances like stress or in distinct phases of life like aging.
  • The development of new products is based on natural resources for which a certain functionality has been scientifically proved or for which secured knowledge from experience exists. The scientific prove of efficacy remains the ultimate goal.
  • All products comply with current regulations.

Market focus

ABAC's products are determined to advance the wellbeing of humans and animals. The natural origin of the products and the mild production methods used make them predestined for applications in cosmetics, food and feed. They can particularly be recommended as:

  • Active ingredients in cosmetics for an efficient skin and body care
  • Food add-ons supporting a healthy and active life style
  • Feed add-ons for healthier and consequently better performing animals
  • Pet food add-ons for fortifying body's defence