Cosmetics key facts

New dimensions in gentle immobilization, suitable for water-soluble active ingredients

Moisturizer, reducing of dehydrogenation

Skin tightening, skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction

Relief of skin irritations, promoting regeneration

Dermaglucan™ and aloe vera compared


The new yeast glucan containing Hetero-Colloid Technology

DermaGlucan™ is β-glucan from yeast: the well-known active ingredient from a natural source. For many years, yeast glucan has proven its positive effects on health and skin care. It is manufactured in a unique purity due to the innovative Hetero-Colloid Technology.

As a natural β-glucan, every single manufacturing step serves to preserve the original active component from the yeast cell. DermaGlucan™ is the first yeast glucan, which is a real alternative to CM-Glucan: produced without chemicals, highly concentrated, easier to work with and all at full effectiveness. It is clinically tested for its effectiveness. The appearance of the skin is clearly improved - even more than with Aloe Vera.

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Ligne Micron™

Micronized cosmetic ingredients

Ligne Micron™ is a new patented technology for gentle micronization of cosmetic ingredients. It replaces emulsifiers and allows the use of a lower concentration of active substances - with the same effect. Ligne Micron™ can be used for both water- and fat-soluble active ingredients, but also for insoluble substances.

Ligne Micron™ increases the effect of micronized active substances by the natural action of the yeast glucan. It provides a ready homogeneous suspension having an active compound content of up to 5% and has clear advantages over the use of cyclodextrins and liposomes.

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Natural yeast compounds safeguard skin health

Levimmun™ is obtained from natural sources. It contains the two major immunoglycans from the cell wall of yeast: β-glucan and α-mannan. It comes as a stable aqueous solution that can easily be processed and thus is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications.

Levimmun™ has proven its efficacy in clinical trials. It protects and regenerates the skin in a unique way. These primary effects achieve excellent anti-aging properties.

Levimmun™ is more than just a mixture of α-mannan and β-glucan. The effect of both components is mutually reinforcing.

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