Better health through closeness to nature has ever been our guiding principle. All our R&D efforts are dedicated to unveil and understand nature's treasures and make them available for the wellbeing of humans and animals. We rely on the vast traditional knowledge preserved for generations as well as on the highly sophisticated life sciences results on human and animal health. ABAC's main contribution is the breakdown of advanced knowledge into manufacturing technologies which uphold efficacy and natural identity of the raw materials.

Our objectives are achieved by networking with renowned scientists and partnering with engineering experts in Switzerland and Europe. ABAC remains responsible for the fulfilment of the production criteria which guarantee natural products.


Natural and biological processes inspire ABAC to the development of valuable bioproducts. Since nature is very successful in generating innumerous compounds, ABAC tries to learn from its principles. This comprises naturally based materials as the starting point as well as the use of water as solvent and enzymes as reagents. Attention is paid that all processes and materials used are approved for the respective market.


The director Dr. Käppeli is supported by research associates which are specialised in biotechnology, carbohydrate chemistry and polymers warranting optimum conditions for the work with polysaccharides like glucan and mannoproteins. They develop manufacturing processes, analytical examinations and chemical reactions leading to valuable derivatives and are also responsible for technology transfer into large scale productions as well as the technical marketing.